Saturday, February 16, 2008


Has moved. She's galloped off across the fields to pastures new.

Check her out from now on at wordpress.
I've bowed to the pressure.

Thursday, February 14, 2008



New Indiana Jones



It's made out of lego!!!!!!!!

More here.

The life of a mandarin.

I love this. Full circle of life here.

Valentine's Day

Firstly gotta say super happy birthday to my lovely friend the penguin. She floats my boat, and rocks my world. :):)


I had a different post, but i changed my mind, and now I'm thinking of:
Marvyn Gaye, Stax, Motown, Hearts, Ruffles, Cake, Cards, Fluff, Flowers, Air, Al Green, Sigur Ros,

Now this is absolutely reflective of my age/stupid brain but...
oh and call me lame but:

And i know Scott is Gay but:

And my absolute favourite.

Now, in other stuff: It's time to start preparing now i reckon.

The first Friday in may is always...

Also: ooooohhhhhh

Ok, go on say it, i'm disgusting.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Jeepers there was some serious fog this morning.

This is on the m50, it was realyl freaky driving onto it, when you couldn't see more than like two metres ahead.
*makes ghost noises*

And some Daffodils

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I'm claiming it.

I had a dream of Aoife and Niall, amongst others.

I had a dream last night, a really detailed one about the blog awards, I'm not saying everything, cos, well i think it would be too weird to describe all of it.

But they (the awards) were on in a big huge mad warehouse, it was really cold and i was up in a balcony which was about a mile up, but obviously i could still see everything. There were a load of people milling around everywhere, but it wasn't too crowded.

Damien Mulley
was hiding HIDING behind a chair for the whole thing, there were plenty of others milling around, bearing in mind i haven't met every blogger going, but they were all there.

But my dream really focused on Nialler9 and Aoife. I hope i'm not gonna freak anyone out here, but ye guys won a few awards, especially Aoife. I can't remember which but just that ye did... so well done!

More dream news as i remember it!


And her desktop proves it...

I really like this pic actually i must say, \o

Guilty Pleasure #343

Ok i know, i know... i just can't help it.

Altogether now, wake me up...

It's on the Internet so it must be true

Cos Pedro has the 411, and not one, not two, not three, but Four! I'm very very impressed.
Especially by this one...

and this one...


not forgetting.

More here, I think i'm going to start rating my favourites... *thinks about that*

Monday, February 11, 2008

What is this word 'Swede'?

I've heard it mentioned a lot recently... i just have no idea. Is it a made up word from Be Kind Rewind? I haven't seen it yet. On a scale of one to ten how behind the times am i?

I HEART this Desktop


It's Bens. Via Ricardo.

Honk if you hate scientology

So there's been plenty of talk about Anonymous v Scientology. There's talk of the London one here. It seemed a bit half arsed to me.

As the protest moved down across the road from the actual Scientology headquarters, it seemed like the group were daring each other to stand near the door of the place...
I was there a bit later, so there were maybe a lot more people earlier on in the day. Hmm...

I actually much prefer this one: :)

Raptureponies HEARTS Julian Opie. I absolutely HEART the sexytime one here.

Do you think they are trying to compensate for something?

Every time i see it...

That;s all i can think of.

Anyone for a spot of Weasel Coffee?

Selling it in Arnotts, i guess that's what the cool kids are into these days. Next thing the SIndo will be shitin' on about teh health beneifts of tubular slugs.

Delicious coffee regurgitated by weasels. It's the taste!

Nyom Chocolate Covered Scoripian.

Yum, Ant lollipops

This is an aphrodisiac pearl lollipop... yep.

Desktop Update

Something i started on a while back, it's a slow burner.
I only found Le Catch's one the other day, cos for some reason my spam filter thought that it was... err.. spam! I like it though, v reflective of le Catch. :)

I also robbed this from Rick, where Niall O'K posted his. I have serious Spongebob voices in my head when i see it! :) Really like your blog as well dude,

Nay has hers here.

And Sarah (thanks so much for Cat Power this morning :) has hers here,

also via Rick, Donna put hers up here.

Oh and Rick's of course is here:

Oh Lads

More of this, this and this.

This morning it was the turn of the unforgettable Wamdue Porject.

I'm beginning to think there's some kind of private joke, or trying to see if anyone's really bothered. Stoppit!

Friday, February 8, 2008

In my continuing feature

which is nameless as of yet.. although I'm thinking of calling it "What were you thinking?" or "Stop my ears are bleeding", more crap. I'm sorry that's the only word I can think of though.

The latest assault on my ears came in the form of Whigfield

I used to always confuse her with Cyndi Lauper.
And blah blah, i know i'm prob helping to further the pain, by mentioning it, but i need an outlet!


I had dinner last night with she of the captivating eyes, (Capto Eyes), it was in a lovely down to earth restaurant.
I say down to earth, because there's another one slightly up the road, which is so uptight, they've crawled up their own bums.

So myself and capto eyes went in,(me looking slightly dishevelled - it was Thursday night, and i was just back from work," first they left us waiting...for ages, then about 3 tables freed up all at once, and they came over and said it would be half an hour wait... pft...I should have known!

Anyway went to a different restaurant down teh road, which was absolutely delightful. I had spaghetti bolognaise, with some bread. it was nyom. So all in all, moral of the story is don't go to pretentious restaurants.

/rambling rantlike post.

By the way, I think i've coined a new phrase: stalkerlust. i think it works.

Also I absolutely HEART the word Ruffles.

I need something to get me through

Raptureponies HEARTS Bob Dylan.

Actually... who doesn't?

*Again hope it works cos my comp is a bit banjoed.

Emmm... #2

Further to This. I just heard this on the radio in the office.

I must admit I may have danced at the time but Seriously?

*hope that youtube works... my comp is acting a bit funny.


These two are THE SAME PEOPLE!!!!!!!

To Wordpress or not to Wordpress

I've been suffering from some peer pressure lately, move to wordpress, it's great, themes, widgets, all that jazz. I'm a bit scared though, i'm kind of comfortable here, i like the green, i don't like the idea of stuff going missing somewhere in the interweb, and of course even more recordy-ness of me.
Raptureponies hearts blogspot and is not sure if she can grow to love wordpress as much.
I do like that when you hover over a link a little box pops up though.

*remains confused and unsure*
*realises she doesn't like confusion and unsurety*
*starts to think about hats*

The lovely Sarah

Posted her desktop here. I hope we aren't aliens... :)

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Check out about 1.21

From Tib, who clearly shares my passion!

Firefox + Monscooch = Smiley face

I thought i was going INSANE! On Monscooch's blog, (very nice by the way), any time i went to the site i saw a little smiley face on the right hand margin. I asked other people, who claimed they could not see it, i therefore thought they were lying, but that's a whole other story.
Now i have proof! Muah ha ha ha*!
I've even marked it out to prove i'm not actually seeing things.

That's it, i just wanted internet reassurance of my sanity. :/

*maniacal laughing prob won't help re-affirm this post.



There's something weird going on. There seems to be an emergence of 90s dance music going on at the moment. Especially here. Is this a conscious decision... Did i miss a press release? I've already heard this


this week...
what's next the Vengabus? *shudder*

I love

That SEBP are known as the Boners.
Cue Beavis and Butt-head Laugh.

Also, Nialler9's podcasts rocks my world! :)