Friday, February 8, 2008


I had dinner last night with she of the captivating eyes, (Capto Eyes), it was in a lovely down to earth restaurant.
I say down to earth, because there's another one slightly up the road, which is so uptight, they've crawled up their own bums.

So myself and capto eyes went in,(me looking slightly dishevelled - it was Thursday night, and i was just back from work," first they left us waiting...for ages, then about 3 tables freed up all at once, and they came over and said it would be half an hour wait... pft...I should have known!

Anyway went to a different restaurant down teh road, which was absolutely delightful. I had spaghetti bolognaise, with some bread. it was nyom. So all in all, moral of the story is don't go to pretentious restaurants.

/rambling rantlike post.

By the way, I think i've coined a new phrase: stalkerlust. i think it works.

Also I absolutely HEART the word Ruffles.


Nay said...

Do you know what I'd LOVE?

For the winners of this year's Blog Awards to use their titles to blag tables. Just *imagine* Twenty Major's "Do you know who I am?!" performance.

Good spag bol is heavenly when done right though.
And I like 'scotch', 'vengeance' and 'homily'.

RapturePonies said...

Lol... i reckon twenty would do it with elegance and style

I adore delightful spaghetti bolognaise, i also like the sound of it,

i def hear what you're saying with vengeance, not sure about homily though.

*starts to think of other fave words*

Nay said...

Scuse the pun but 'spaghetti bolognaise' is too much of a mouthful...'spagbol' sounds way better to me :p

Nay said...

I am suffering stalkerlust or something...remembered another deadly word:



RapturePonies said...

Nay you're most def right,

Spagbol has a lovely streamlined feel.

Actually Streamlined is another word i love.
i seem to suffer an unhealthy amount of stalkerlust... odd!

I'm going to start compiling a favourite word list.

Slump is a good one... i love the words 'moot'and 'afoot'


Anonymous said...

ha ha ha capto eyes imortalized on the inter web.....