Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day

Firstly gotta say super happy birthday to my lovely friend the penguin. She floats my boat, and rocks my world. :):)


I had a different post, but i changed my mind, and now I'm thinking of:
Marvyn Gaye, Stax, Motown, Hearts, Ruffles, Cake, Cards, Fluff, Flowers, Air, Al Green, Sigur Ros,

Now this is absolutely reflective of my age/stupid brain but...
oh and call me lame but:

And i know Scott is Gay but:

And my absolute favourite.

Now, in other stuff: It's time to start preparing now i reckon.

The first Friday in may is always...

Also: ooooohhhhhh

Ok, go on say it, i'm disgusting.

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Anonymous said...

scotts so gay he bangs of the gay!!