Friday, August 31, 2007

Longest Day Ever

I'm dying to hit the road down the picnic. Where pretty much everyone already is...have figured out will prob miss the Ukelele Orchestra of Great Britain :( was really looking forward to them. Hoping to just about catch Hot Chip, and def a bit of the Manic Street Preachers. Hopefully catch bits a good bit of Bjork, The Good, The Bad and the Queen, and def Modest Mouse...Am torn between those last two, good to be finishing off with LCD Soundsystem though, and i heard Donal Dineen is doing some DJ sets!

Come on 5.30!

!!! are on at 3 o clock tomorrow....weird, MIA right after, I'm there.

Special Guest on Sunday at 5 in the Crawdaddy stage...sounds interesting!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Top 10 most embarrassing...

Celebrity before they were famous ads.


find it here


The pillowig :/
very strange


Holy crap, the picnic is tomorrow, i don't have a mat to sleep on, my sleeping bags from tesco, i have nothing packed, and i had a flight tyre this morning. Ominous sign, but...wwwaaa wooo weee woooww!

yay for the picnic


Wednesday, August 29, 2007

This takes me back

For some bizarre reason, Glenroe has popped into my head today. I think it may have stemmed somewhere from the memory of Dinny Byrne, and then there's Teasy, and Miley and all! Great programme in it's day, it takes my right back to sunday evenings, bath then Where In the World with Teresa Lowe (which my uncle was once in) and then Glenroe, and then bedtime, 'cos you know Monday is a school day.

Ah glenroe, have had the theme song in my head for the day, that's a very weird youtube i found on my travels.

Then i got thinking of childhood songs and programmes and stuff and Holy moly but i found Bosco,

My favourite urban myth was that Marian was a junkie after she appeared on it, although maybe she was who knows?

I discovered that there are a bizarre number of Bosco related youtubes on, eh youtube.

and finally on today's very unstructured post (i know this is gonna irritate me later)

I also found some hilarious Batman quotes (from the original Adam West of course) which made me laugh my ass off:

Batman: "That's one trouble with dual identities, Robin. Dual responsibilities."

Robin: "Where'd you get a live fish, Batman?"
Batman: "The true crimefighter always carries everything he needs in his utility belt, Robin."

Bruce: "Don't dip your oar in this sordid sea, Dick. You might be besmirched."

Batman (after cracking a safe): "It's not difficult, if you have steady nerves and a good ear. Quality is destroyed by the tenor of criminal life."

Robin: "You can't get away from Batman that easy!"
Batman: "Easily."
Robin: "Easily."
Batman: "Good grammar is essential, Robin."
Robin: "Thank you."
Batman: "You're welcome."

Anyway childhood movies and stuff for the win.

It's amazing how some of these things just took me right back, and it's amazing what you share with someone when you start talking about this sort of thing.

I also loved Thundercats.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


New Heroes, crappy promo

the cast look so non heroic in real life, i suppose that figures!

i love heroes

Cat Face

This is genuinely so so so funny,

Cat face
He's got the body of a cat, and the face of a cat

*directly from the mind of Aoife

So daft

Look closely, from engrish

Monday, August 27, 2007

EP Line-up

Of sorts is here

Ukelele Orchestra of GB yay!


I know it's not anywhere near Valentine's day but...
XOXO, Exo is doing a little mix-tape, i just like the site.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Pirate Update!

I met the pirate...well that's actually a fib, but I got an email from the great one!
Check out their Myspace

Turning Pirate is about getting the most out of things. Being nice to folk. Meeting brilliant people, putting on brilliant events and gigs and bending the rules.

Turning Pirate presents

Pirate Sounds

The Spiegeltent, Thurs Sept 13th, 10pm

An evenin' o' seafarin' hearty collaborations will brin' together some o' Ireland..s grooviest, funkiest, smartest, sassiest, sweetest musicians, singers an' dj's t' make new versions o' old things an' old versions o' new things. Some o' Irelands best known artists an' least likely combinations be brought together fer an evenin' that be set t' clash styles, blow horns, bang yer drum in a way that will be havin' both dance deck an' stage dancin' t' a whole new beat.

Egos keel haul th' plank in a musical mash-up night that celebrates havin' fun through th' medium o' dance!

Come wi' yer seafarin' hearty dancin' shoes t' music provided by a bunch o' buccaneers, a gang o' do wells, a motley crew o' all-sorts indeed but nay a captain hook in sight.

Artists involved include th' likes o' Rhob Cunningham, Cathy Davey, Mikee Dee, Josie Doherty, Sally Foran, Carla Gallagher, Gavin Glass, Lisa Hannigan, Clive Haughton, James McMorrow, Mundy, Tim Neosupervital, Ronan O..Snodaigh, Pete Pamf, Steve an' Joe Wall, Superfly, Tomo Osander, Cormac Curran, Colm McCathaigh, Sophie Merry and plenty more surprises t' be announced.

Shipmate dress suggested but nothing..s essential 'ceptin' yer sweet presence.

Keep yer beady one good eye on fer line-up additions an' sneak preview videos.

Fer further information contact Una Molloy:

Tickets 18 euros from,1850 FRINGE (374643) or in swabbie from th' box office, Temple Bar information centre, 12 East Essex St, Temple Bar or Spiegeltent Box Office, Georges Dock.


Spiegeltent is coming. Spiegeltent is coming. And they are bringing Pirates, YES!
The man, Jim Carroll, who is a legend, has it as always here. Check it out immediately.

*that's a pirate on the moon, that is.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Electric Picnic Map!

woo! i think it's still sort of provisional for the mo. Paint Ball camp here i come. all in prep for teh big event, you'd think it was a wedding or something! woo!

True Professional

Bill Murray is cool

Laughing my ass off, Bill Murray is a genius. He did some crazy stuff in Sweden, like stealing a little electric golf cart from a hotel and driving it down a main road. He's my favourite person, possibly in history.
Alex Needham from the Guardian has it en Anglais here.

Thanksgiving Turkey

I'm going to Boston, for Thanksgiving. Oh my God this is so exciting. I'm heading over, family gathering, loadsa folks around, 24 hour supermarkets...i'm practically drooling at all the miles of...just stuff...that's over there! wopah!

now to work on getting an upgrade to first class, or else a couple of dozen calmer downers for that flight.



So it's the run up to the picnic, only 7 sleeps to go, and i was thinking of the stuff from last year that was great, actually i had to go look up where i had written it before, and i got to thinking how no one will prob care, it's like there's nothing more boring than other peoples' holiday snaps, this is a similar maybe it's not the best. Anywho:

Electric picnic: bacardi, yeah yeah yeahs, rufus waintright, michael franti and teh skatalites, champagne in the ticket ticket place, dr. mike, harem fantastic tent, ultra nice wristbands, unfloodable tents, great sleeping bags, me and jules' saturday wander, body and soul candle maze, dancing, rasher sandwiches, jelly shots, i say neosuper, you say? yesh itsh very nice, chris martin? silent disco friends, july, new old flames? old old flames, meeting all the people, sunburn, difenes, Karl Spain and his woman.

I have no idea who dr. mike was

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

This is unbelievable

Well i suppose it is from a site called WeirdAsianNews

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Not just a pretty face

Clive James talks about the ideal face, Marlon, Greta, Louise and Harrison step right up...

Otherwise Bruce Willis will go on thinking that he is being charming when he purses his lips...He has been pursing them until they bleed ever since his first days in television, and he is still pursing them as he comes swinging in through the plate-glass window to mow down a row of central European heavies in Die Hard all over again.

Also wow at that star

From the opposite of the makers of Facebook

It's Arsebook

Halloween doesn't have to be scary

I love the Buena Vista Social Club, and Duke Special and Alabama 3, oh yeah! And Sligo has them all! woohoo! Halloween is getting booked up for me now.

Sligo Live

The 2007 Sligo Live Festival will take place on the holiday weekend of October 24th, 25th, 26th, 27th, 28th & 29th!!!
SLIGO LIVE will soon be announcing an exciting line up which will be a "must go" for all fans of Irish and roots music.
This year will see many exciting innovations to the festival programme which will be filled with top quality music, energy and fun.
Watch this space. All news will be announced on this site in the coming weeks...

Shuffle, upagus, opagus, Shuffle

are doing a shuffleopagus....(sp???)
Anywho, they are using listeners playlists (shock horror!). Basically turn your mp3 player on, set it to shuffle and note down the first ten songs. I think Tom Dunne started it off a few weeks ago while filling in for Ray D'Arcy (who's off with the roses), and Ann-Marie Kelly did it this morning.

It's so funny! I was actually sad to tear myself away from my radio. People write in with who they think sent in the playlist, and what kind of person they are, sad Glen Hansard feckers who drive beemers, manic depressives, There was one who said they thought the person had an oversized arm! (mega lol)
Anyway it's difficult to put into words, but really you should check it out so funny....
I think it's on at 11 am on Today Fm

and the purpose of this post? well it got me thinking about what my music says about i'm lashing up my shuffle list:

1. Moloko – Sing it Back (Live)

2. !!! – All my Heroes are Weirdos

3. Nat Turner - You are my sun sign

4.Arctic Monkeys - You know I'm no Good

5. Led Zeppelin – Black Dog

6. Supergrass – Pumping on your stereo

7. Modest Mouse – Dashboard

8. Sly and the Family Stone – If you want me to stay

9. Primal Scream - Country Girl

10. Leonard Cohen – So Long, Marianne

Anywho, i love this divining your personality information through music, food of life, yadda yadda.

*the pic is of the infamous music trip. fairly lame i know*

Monday, August 20, 2007

Any newspaper?

This is a site i stumbled across, that has EVERY NEWSPAPER IN THE WORLD, more or less anyway.

Well it has 12,000, you'd be reading for a long time with all that.
Anywho it's called Newspapers24

Check out teh final final EP line up here

Find out about ancient civilisations here

Condensed Movies
it's very funny
Directed by Michael Bay
An asteroid is coming. We are in trouble.
You must blow it up from the inside. Probably.
Let's teach drillers to be astronauts, on account of drilling is too hard for astronauts to learn.
Bruce Willis
Instead for a ninjillion dollars, we will only do it if we don't have to pay taxes anymore, because audiences can relate to that.
I can relate to that. Therefore, I love it.


Saturday, August 18, 2007

I think Judy Garland went

THROUGH the toilet...

It's the lovely lovely Rufus

and my his tights at Glasto

Friday, August 17, 2007

Electric Picnic Final Line Up

Is here.

Beastie Boys, Bjork, Hot Chip, The Undertones,Chemical Brothers,Manic Street Preachers, UNKLE, Mixmaster Mike, Ladytron, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Fionn Regan, Soul II Soul, Magic Numbers, The Good, The Bad and the Queen, The Go! Team, Nouvelle Vague, Rio Kiley, MIA, Fujiya & Miyagi, Modest Mouse, Serena Maneesh, Bat for Lashes, Camera Obscura, Sons & Daughters, Marlena Shaw & Orchestra, Primal Scream, Oppenheimer, Simple Kid, Patrick Wolf, Jarvis Cocker, The Flaws, Ukelele Orchestra of GB, Polyphonic Spree, Ratatat,!!!,LCD Soundsystem,Si Schroeder,Architecture in Helsinki,Delorentos,Fight Like Apes,65 Days of Static

Edit: More Picnic News: Here, chilled off licence beer, It's prob only gonna cost about €10 a bottle, or "standard off-licence prices" hhhmmmmm,
In an ongoing attempt to improve services to festival goers we have launched a Pre-Order facility for the Festival Off Licence, a first for a music festival. Instead of lugging your two slabs of beer all the way to Stradbally & through the fields we are now able to offer you the facility to pre-order your beer (or cider) online and collect them, chilled, at your leisure after you pitch your tent on site.
The festival Off-Licence allows festival goers to purchase beer and cider at standard off-licence prices. Located in the campsite and open Fri-Sun, festival-goers will no longer need to stock up in advance. Opening Times: Fri-Sun 12pm-9pm. (Pre-sales to be collected by 6pm Sat.)
“I feel customers at music festivals bring cans on site as they feel they get better value off site in surrounding off licences. We have done a survey of the prices and our prices are an average of those we have surveyed. We have worked closely with Heineken Ireland to create what is the only Pre-Order Festival Off Licence anywhere in the world. We hope it will be well received by our customers attending Electric Picnic 2007.
It will go live on the at on Monday 20th Aug”, said John Reynolds (Electric Picnic promoter)

(it looks like i've only just discovered the bold button :?)

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Love this kind of thing

Even thought it's fairly old news
Staff at a drinks stand in the Netherlands resort of Zandvoort were amazed to find a 2.5-meter (8-foot) Lego man washed up on the beach Tuesday. It was rescued from the water and placed upright on the beach, to the delight of children. Nobody had any idea where the smiling Lego figure had come from, but there was speculation it might have come over from England, while suspicious pundits on the Web site Reddit feared it might be a Trojan horse "full of small Lego people about to attack Holland." However the ungrammatical slogan on the figure's chest, "No real than you are," led via a Google search to, a Dutch Web site which appears to belong to an artist or art collective. Perhaps the mysterious figure is just another work of environmental art.

From Spiegel Online

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

This is so cool.

This here, I'm not sure if i need to link it, or jpg it, (i'm not that up on the old world of computing ya see). I'll link it, but go see it anyway, it's cool!


I think I blogged about David Shrigley before.

Oh yeah i did, here.

Cover Versions

I have a love of cover versions. I really like them. Not all of course, only the good ones, but obv what's good to one is complete pants to another.

I think I first got into them from Radiohead's cover of Carly Simon's Nobody Does it Better. Which is a song I love.

I just like when people take a song, and mess around with it, and make it their own. A bit of tweaking can go along way. There aren't many cover versions that outshine completely the original, but they are mostly entertaining and interesting, and some definately do improve on the original. In fact scrap that, there are some that are just much better.
Johnny Cash, Seu Jorge, Jack Black (for comedy value), Otis Redding, The Slits, The Flaming Lips, Nina Simone

So further to that, vis-a-vis, ergo, the Observer Music Magazine, which i must say I really enjoyed last Sunday (especially that letter about Manu Chao, bring him some exposure please) is doing some bits on cover versions.

Top Covers
They give a fairly comprehensize list of covers here, when i was going down through it i was like oh yeah, i remember that, or, oh wow i didn't know that existed. Anyway check it out, it's a bit of fun.

Weird note: As i was mooching around for other Covers bits and pieces i was at the Times Site. Which had a link to....This, i'm confused, is there some kind of joke going on here that I don't know about?

Anyway they (The Times) also have some Covers sort of stuff right around here.

I think my current favourite is All along the watchtower. Oh yeah.
But here's some Radiohead...I hope, no speakers on my comp and i just youtubed it, so fingers crossed!

Note to self: must get some mp3s up here soon.

actually i'd also like to add Hotel California by teh Gypsy Kings to this, now that's good, and and...
i can't stop :?

Monday, August 13, 2007


I know i probably use that title for posts way too much, note to self #1 get new titles. But i was wandering around this Festival T-Shirt site, (cool by the way). Anywho, i was having a sconce and i found a picture of my good friend Le Catch. He's practically famous now, but cool! i like seeing familiar faces on non-bebo sites and stuff!

But he's also actually famous too, he works on Phantom, which is the bestest station going.
They play good solid rocking out indie and alternative. I discovered a ridiculously cool song on it the other day by Buck 65, called wired and weird i believe, good stuff.

Anywho my blog (i've never uttered/written that phrase before, very weird)seems to have become an ode to Le Catch 'cos i posted bout his album archive last week...
Note to self #2, no more posting about Le Catch for a while.

Who would have thought

it was possible to overdose on Coffee...sure we've all had those days where our eyes are a bit massive, and you've got those twitches and short temper, and would kill for a coffee....

RTE are reporting on espresso overdose

Teenager overdoses on espressos
Monday, 13 August 2007 12:45

A teenager in Britain had to be rushed to hospital after overdosing on espresso coffee.

The 17-year-old downed seven double espresso coffees while working in the family's sandwich shop.

Student Jasmine Willis, who thought the coffees were single measures, said the effects of the espresso were so severe her actions left customers bewildered.

She apparently started laughing and crying for no reason while serving.

She said: 'My nerves were all over the place. I was crying in front of the customers and had tears streaming down my face.'

After being sent home by her father medical symptoms started. She developed a fever and was unable to breathe properly.

Her cousin called an ambulance and Jasmine was taken to a local hospital in Durham where doctors confirmed she had overdosed on caffeine.

Despite suffering side effects in the following days, she made a full recovery and said the wanted to warn others about the dangers of excessive coffee drinking.

Her father, Gary Willis, said she did not realise she was drinking double measures.

He added: 'I have always stressed to my children the importance of moderation but Jasmine got caught out on this occasion.'

It also shows the stories making the front page in RTE. hhmmmm

Also this is one of the coolest sites ever, its all graphicy and shiny

Friday, August 10, 2007

Nyom Nyom

I'm still in work...hope to leave in about an hour i suppose, the heat in here is ridiculous, and it's raining and i have no coat...grrr,
therefore i need to get home to have some ice-cream, the above kind of ice-cream!


Also i had a good question mark face over this blog that i tripped over, it's all about a cat who i believe is called Miss Pretty. See below,

Cats at Gooseberry Hill

Let's bring Violins Back

There's a great article here about Violins, being an ex-player i can see what the fuss is all about.

From The Times

This is so so so messed up

This poor doggie was born with two noses, and is apparently not very handsome...
Explorer Colonel John Blashford-Snell has had close encounters with vampire bats and angry bees, but his latest brush has been with a rather odd dog.
He spotted a rare breed of Double-Nosed Andean tiger hound, which has two noses, on a recent trip to Bolivia.
The chairman of the Scientific Exploration Society said the dog, named Xingu, was "not terribly handsome".
He said: "This breed could be used for sniffing out mines or narcotics because they have an enhanced sense of smell."

From the BBC

That follows on from this poor little lamb, who was born with too many legs :(
Taken from Australian News

The poor things, that's so messed up.

The Ticket Quiz

I just love this quiz so much, it really makes you think, and then it makes you want to kick something 'cause it's so feckin difficult!

A sample of today's questions:

Which was first sequel to win the Oscar for best picture?

Hearts of Fire, Renaldo and Clara, Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid: Which musician?

What follows inevitably from Identity and Supremacy?

The Ticket Quiz

Let's get it on

I watched High Fidelity again the other day, i really love that film, top 5s, and John Cusack and everything. The book was realyl great too, but it's hard to compare the two, since I saw the film way before I read the original. I always think that messes things up, when you can't imagine what you are reading, because you've already read it!

Anywho, i just thought i'd lash this up...
Jack Black does Let's Get it on, top marks for effort

But we all know who does it best,

Hope this works cos my speakers aint so great here...this should be Marvin Gaye, Let's Get it on Live in 1980

Oh oh oh yeah!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

This site is mega Cool

Needs Flash!


Check out the Simpsons Stuff

The Circus is Coming...

To Electric Picnic!

Yay, but no animals, i was hoping for a giraffe on a leash (not really!)

Fossett's - The IRISH for Circus!

Fossett's - Ireland's National Circus - is delighted to bring our own particular brand of magic to this year's Electric Picnic. Since 1875 we have visited communities all over the country and our name has become synonymous with circus in Ireland. Generations of Irish families have walked into our Big Top and been transported to a mystical world where anything is possible. Long before cinema, television and indeed electricity arrived Fossett's Circus was touring the back roads of Ireland leaving a trail of wonder and awe in our wake. We survived the advent of our electronic rivals and have continued to flourish into the beginning of the 21st century.

In 2003 circus was declared an artform by the then Minister for the Arts, Mr. John O'Donoghue T.D. In 2005 we received our first revenue funding from the Arts Council and so began another chapter in our history. The future for Fossett's - Ireland's National Circus has never looked so good and we are delighted to be invited to appear at Electric Picnic 2007.

In addition to the advertised performances in our Big Top we invite you to drop into our Artists Cafe for a coffee, tea, candy floss or popcorn at any time over the weekend. You might learn to juggle, do magic, walk a tightrope or perhaps just run away with us! (It does still happen).

For 2 hours during our show you will be transported into a world where aerialists defy death, jugglers defy gravity, acrobats defy description and the clowns simply defy everyone. Come to our Box Office at the Fossett's Big Top to get your free tickets. They're available on a first come- first served basis and we are only performing 5 shows over the weekend so we advise you to get your tickets early!!!!

Performances Fri 7-9pm, Sat & Sun 3pm-5pm & 7-9pm.

May all your days be Circus days.

(Fossets’s Circus at Electric Picnic is a Human-Only Circus.)

Fletch the Movie

Well, the new movie. Kevin Smith was rumoured to be involved,but now it's Steve Pink, in fact this is ALL rumour and speculation, but sure what harm...

From MovieMind, Joshua Jackson (of Dawson's Creek Fame) to play Fletch!

Other slightly older news comes from, The Movie Reporter.

Roisin Murphy

She's got new songs on her Myspace. I love that ramalama song too! hoping to see her at Cois Fharraige which looks like mega fun!

Also there are some amazing pictures here from Time in association with CNN

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Pure Silly Season

Christopher Walken told how he keeps his hair. It's only 'cos he's so cool. The Times reported it here.

And my brother spends a lot of time trying to do impressions of dancing Mr. Walken. Go on and try it, it's very difficult!

"As men get older, the skin on their heads tightens and the blood gets constricted. Apparently, if you keep your scalp skin loose, you're more apt to keep your hair. So I just grab it with both hands and yank on it while I'm watching the news."

Inspiring words!

The Comfort Machine

This is a very weird, but fantastic sounding thing I saw on Culture Northern Ireland.
Basically there's a machine called The Comfort XxL, which is a comforting machine! It's actually part of an international art project by Jennifer Baumeister.

Baumeister asks people from different origins, age groups and genders to say comforting words into a camera. These clips are then made accessible through a machine, kitted out like an 1980s gambling machine. The person who needs comfort can then press a button, selecting a female, male or children's voice. A random clip giving comfort is shown.

It sounds like the hugging lady who gave out hugs in the RDS a while back...Breaking News had it way back when. Proper info about the Hugging Lady, Mata Amritanandamayi Devi

I must say I am intrigued!

Iron Man

Looks so cool.
The Youtube looks a bit pants, but you get the gist, super hero movies totally for the win!

It's too new for decent trailers... boo.

Iron Man

I went hunting for some Dark Knight stuff too, but I can't find anything, ah feck.

In other movie news i went to buy some new DVDs the other day, woo! I got American Beauty, Labyrinth, School of Rock, and High Fidelity. I think High Fidelity is actually my favourite ever! That and Grosse Point Blank, i think i'm going through some kind of phase.


Johnny Cash

My lovely friend Le Catch has his very own ray-dee-oh programme on the Spectacular Phantom 105.2. It's called the Album Archive and features a different classic album every week. I just had to give it a mention because Johnny Cash, American IV - The Man Comes Around is on this week. Check it out here.

I even robbed the picture, thanks bunny!

Monday, August 6, 2007


Monty Python,
Who knew silly walks could be so funny!?

this is a late parrot.


Probably been done everywhere but woah...

Oh My God!

You have probably all heard by now...but Bob Dylan and Mark Ronson!

Ronson has recorded a (gasp) remix of a (mega gasp) Bob Dylan. I thought it would be pants, i don't think i've really warmed to Mark Ronson as much as loads of other people, it's grand, but a bit... lacking or something.

After all that giving out, i've had a listen to the Bob Dylan remix, it's a version of the 1966 song Most Likely You Go Your Way (And I'll Go Mine) and it's....

Very good. Well i've had a few listens, from Ronson's myspace. Yeah I think i've turned a corner with my feelings for him. Although i may decide at a later date that this is all wrong. Anyway, check it out here.

The Times are talking about it too. (I heart The Times)

Bob Dylan, the dance remix, far from causing outrage, has gone down a storm.

DJ Mark Ronson’s version of the 1966 song proved so popular that the DJ Zane Lowe played it twice.

The track was expected to provoke howls of protest similar to those seen when Dylan “went electric” in 1966. Instead callers phoned the station to voice their approval and less than an hour after its first airing, Radio 1 replayed the track.

After years of rejecting all offers to remix his catalogue, Dylan, 66, decided to allow Ronson to rework the song as a way of introducing his generation-defining work to a new teenage audience.

Super Furries

How much do I love them? am waiting patiently (impatiently) for Hey! Venus.

Saw them at Lovebox, and a few times before and they are so brilliant! This is a bit of a weird post but anyway.

This is Fire in my Heart.

and i stole this from Aoife. Thank you!

When i was looking for the Super Furries I found...

It's My Heart is Apple by the Arcade Fire.

Actually I wasn't too impressed by that so,

Go on David Bowie! (Ignore the lame celeb posage)

Saturday, August 4, 2007

I can't believe this was reported

The Times talks about Clouds.

Silly Season and all the craziness that goes with it, petrol powered rollerskates, jellyfish shaped clouds,

oh lads.

Friday, August 3, 2007

I love the Ticket

I especially love their fiendishly difficult quiz, which i included last week, and i'm shoving it up here again, the new version obviously!

It's fiendish! that's the only word i can think of. Donald Clark, must sit in a darkened, tall tower room coming up with these bad boys...

Questions from the blood simple to the die hard . . . by Donald Clarke

1. Which 1999 science fiction film was subsequently reloaded and then underwent a revolution?

2. I was on the USS Indianapolis. I like scratching my nails down blackboards. I get eaten in the end. Who am I?

3. Which species were Harvey, Thumper and General Woundwort?

4. The theme to which popular 1963 war film is often sung by English football supporters when their team has just got out of a potentially embarrassing scrape?

5. Linda Hunt in The Year of Living Dangerously. Barbra Streisand in Yentl. Quentin Crisp in Orlando. John Travolta in Hairspray. Who's the odd one out?

6. Which director's pictures have inspired a song by Scott Walker, a musical by Stephen Sondheim and a horror flick by Wes Craven?

7. Which English comic actor, now resident in The Isle of Man, has a bewilderingly large following in Albania?

8. The plot of which picture was inspired by Akira Kurosawa's The Hidden Fortress (1958)?

9. Which absence unites Evan Almighty, Predator 2, On Her Majesty's Secret Service and The Ghost of Frankenstein?

10. In Paul Schrader's upcoming The Walker, the hero (Woody Harrelson) comes up with an interesting film trivia question: Which actor has played the most real-life American presidents. What is the answer?

Answers are here.

Don't Cheat!

I'm off to Castlepalooza at the weekend with my Fantastic Tesco Poncho, and penchant for Rum. Anyone there, watch out for the girl in the psychadelic jim jams, it's what all the cool kids are wearing!
There'll be girls, and bands, and a castle, and beer, and real toilets! woo!
Check it out.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Boy Genius(es)

They were yakking on this morning about child geniuses, first of all there was Rhain Davis who is this amazing 9 year old footballer, who was discovered by Man Utd. when his grandad sent them a dvd, he's good.

Then there's this mini-pops like duo, feck i can't remember their names, who are 11 and 13 from Brooklyn. Boy and girl duo who are more like mini White Stripes. I'll get back to you with their name.

Then there's this kid...


Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Mega Fish

I'm sorry Ruth, but there's a mega fish! Innocent the smoothie people send me fun newsletters every week. This was in the latest one. Woah.

Zeb Hogan,a biologist from the University of Reno has launched the Mega Fish project in conjunction with the National Geographic Society, in a last ditch attempt to save “the real-life Loch Ness monsters and Bigfoots of the aquatic world.”

From Environmental Graffiti.

My mind is boggling

How does this work??

In other news, on my stealthy (i just wanted to use that word) journey through the net, i found i think the most random blog ever. it's about randomness. And it's random,they have a post about The Childhood Goat Trauma Foundation and cool toilet signs, as well as Irish Fairies.

I like it.