Monday, August 20, 2007

Any newspaper?

This is a site i stumbled across, that has EVERY NEWSPAPER IN THE WORLD, more or less anyway.

Well it has 12,000, you'd be reading for a long time with all that.
Anywho it's called Newspapers24

Check out teh final final EP line up here

Find out about ancient civilisations here

Condensed Movies
it's very funny
Directed by Michael Bay
An asteroid is coming. We are in trouble.
You must blow it up from the inside. Probably.
Let's teach drillers to be astronauts, on account of drilling is too hard for astronauts to learn.
Bruce Willis
Instead for a ninjillion dollars, we will only do it if we don't have to pay taxes anymore, because audiences can relate to that.
I can relate to that. Therefore, I love it.


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