Friday, August 24, 2007

Pirate Update!

I met the pirate...well that's actually a fib, but I got an email from the great one!
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Turning Pirate is about getting the most out of things. Being nice to folk. Meeting brilliant people, putting on brilliant events and gigs and bending the rules.

Turning Pirate presents

Pirate Sounds

The Spiegeltent, Thurs Sept 13th, 10pm

An evenin' o' seafarin' hearty collaborations will brin' together some o' Ireland..s grooviest, funkiest, smartest, sassiest, sweetest musicians, singers an' dj's t' make new versions o' old things an' old versions o' new things. Some o' Irelands best known artists an' least likely combinations be brought together fer an evenin' that be set t' clash styles, blow horns, bang yer drum in a way that will be havin' both dance deck an' stage dancin' t' a whole new beat.

Egos keel haul th' plank in a musical mash-up night that celebrates havin' fun through th' medium o' dance!

Come wi' yer seafarin' hearty dancin' shoes t' music provided by a bunch o' buccaneers, a gang o' do wells, a motley crew o' all-sorts indeed but nay a captain hook in sight.

Artists involved include th' likes o' Rhob Cunningham, Cathy Davey, Mikee Dee, Josie Doherty, Sally Foran, Carla Gallagher, Gavin Glass, Lisa Hannigan, Clive Haughton, James McMorrow, Mundy, Tim Neosupervital, Ronan O..Snodaigh, Pete Pamf, Steve an' Joe Wall, Superfly, Tomo Osander, Cormac Curran, Colm McCathaigh, Sophie Merry and plenty more surprises t' be announced.

Shipmate dress suggested but nothing..s essential 'ceptin' yer sweet presence.

Keep yer beady one good eye on fer line-up additions an' sneak preview videos.

Fer further information contact Una Molloy:

Tickets 18 euros from,1850 FRINGE (374643) or in swabbie from th' box office, Temple Bar information centre, 12 East Essex St, Temple Bar or Spiegeltent Box Office, Georges Dock.

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