Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Shuffle, upagus, opagus, Shuffle

are doing a shuffleopagus....(sp???)
Anywho, they are using listeners playlists (shock horror!). Basically turn your mp3 player on, set it to shuffle and note down the first ten songs. I think Tom Dunne started it off a few weeks ago while filling in for Ray D'Arcy (who's off with the roses), and Ann-Marie Kelly did it this morning.

It's so funny! I was actually sad to tear myself away from my radio. People write in with who they think sent in the playlist, and what kind of person they are, sad Glen Hansard feckers who drive beemers, manic depressives, There was one who said they thought the person had an oversized arm! (mega lol)
Anyway it's difficult to put into words, but really you should check it out so funny....
I think it's on at 11 am on Today Fm

and the purpose of this post? well it got me thinking about what my music says about me...so i'm lashing up my shuffle list:

1. Moloko – Sing it Back (Live)

2. !!! – All my Heroes are Weirdos

3. Nat Turner - You are my sun sign

4.Arctic Monkeys - You know I'm no Good

5. Led Zeppelin – Black Dog

6. Supergrass – Pumping on your stereo

7. Modest Mouse – Dashboard

8. Sly and the Family Stone – If you want me to stay

9. Primal Scream - Country Girl

10. Leonard Cohen – So Long, Marianne

Anywho, i love this divining your personality information through music, food of life, yadda yadda.

*the pic is of the infamous music trip. fairly lame i know*

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