Monday, August 13, 2007


I know i probably use that title for posts way too much, note to self #1 get new titles. But i was wandering around this Festival T-Shirt site, (cool by the way). Anywho, i was having a sconce and i found a picture of my good friend Le Catch. He's practically famous now, but cool! i like seeing familiar faces on non-bebo sites and stuff!

But he's also actually famous too, he works on Phantom, which is the bestest station going.
They play good solid rocking out indie and alternative. I discovered a ridiculously cool song on it the other day by Buck 65, called wired and weird i believe, good stuff.

Anywho my blog (i've never uttered/written that phrase before, very weird)seems to have become an ode to Le Catch 'cos i posted bout his album archive last week...
Note to self #2, no more posting about Le Catch for a while.

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