Monday, August 6, 2007

Oh My God!

You have probably all heard by now...but Bob Dylan and Mark Ronson!

Ronson has recorded a (gasp) remix of a (mega gasp) Bob Dylan. I thought it would be pants, i don't think i've really warmed to Mark Ronson as much as loads of other people, it's grand, but a bit... lacking or something.

After all that giving out, i've had a listen to the Bob Dylan remix, it's a version of the 1966 song Most Likely You Go Your Way (And I'll Go Mine) and it's....

Very good. Well i've had a few listens, from Ronson's myspace. Yeah I think i've turned a corner with my feelings for him. Although i may decide at a later date that this is all wrong. Anyway, check it out here.

The Times are talking about it too. (I heart The Times)

Bob Dylan, the dance remix, far from causing outrage, has gone down a storm.

DJ Mark Ronson’s version of the 1966 song proved so popular that the DJ Zane Lowe played it twice.

The track was expected to provoke howls of protest similar to those seen when Dylan “went electric” in 1966. Instead callers phoned the station to voice their approval and less than an hour after its first airing, Radio 1 replayed the track.

After years of rejecting all offers to remix his catalogue, Dylan, 66, decided to allow Ronson to rework the song as a way of introducing his generation-defining work to a new teenage audience.


Critical Junk said...

I have to admit I like this track (I also like the original) I was initially skeptical but, no, I like it!

RapturePonies said...

Yeah I know! i had sort of already decided that i wouldn't like it just cos i wasnt too down with the rest of the marky ronsony stuff!

...but it's kinda cool!