Thursday, August 23, 2007


So it's the run up to the picnic, only 7 sleeps to go, and i was thinking of the stuff from last year that was great, actually i had to go look up where i had written it before, and i got to thinking how no one will prob care, it's like there's nothing more boring than other peoples' holiday snaps, this is a similar maybe it's not the best. Anywho:

Electric picnic: bacardi, yeah yeah yeahs, rufus waintright, michael franti and teh skatalites, champagne in the ticket ticket place, dr. mike, harem fantastic tent, ultra nice wristbands, unfloodable tents, great sleeping bags, me and jules' saturday wander, body and soul candle maze, dancing, rasher sandwiches, jelly shots, i say neosuper, you say? yesh itsh very nice, chris martin? silent disco friends, july, new old flames? old old flames, meeting all the people, sunburn, difenes, Karl Spain and his woman.

I have no idea who dr. mike was

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