Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Cover Versions

I have a love of cover versions. I really like them. Not all of course, only the good ones, but obv what's good to one is complete pants to another.

I think I first got into them from Radiohead's cover of Carly Simon's Nobody Does it Better. Which is a song I love.

I just like when people take a song, and mess around with it, and make it their own. A bit of tweaking can go along way. There aren't many cover versions that outshine completely the original, but they are mostly entertaining and interesting, and some definately do improve on the original. In fact scrap that, there are some that are just much better.
Johnny Cash, Seu Jorge, Jack Black (for comedy value), Otis Redding, The Slits, The Flaming Lips, Nina Simone

So further to that, vis-a-vis, ergo, the Observer Music Magazine, which i must say I really enjoyed last Sunday (especially that letter about Manu Chao, bring him some exposure please) is doing some bits on cover versions.

Top Covers
They give a fairly comprehensize list of covers here, when i was going down through it i was like oh yeah, i remember that, or, oh wow i didn't know that existed. Anyway check it out, it's a bit of fun.

Weird note: As i was mooching around for other Covers bits and pieces i was at the Times Site. Which had a link to....This, i'm confused, is there some kind of joke going on here that I don't know about?

Anyway they (The Times) also have some Covers sort of stuff right around here.

I think my current favourite is All along the watchtower. Oh yeah.
But here's some Radiohead...I hope, no speakers on my comp and i just youtubed it, so fingers crossed!

Note to self: must get some mp3s up here soon.

actually i'd also like to add Hotel California by teh Gypsy Kings to this, now that's good, and and...
i can't stop :?

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Pedro Monscooch said...

The timing of that is just plain wierd. I had a covers superpost just last week and I spent a hell of a long time making it. Check it out here and some extra ones here. Tis good and you might like it.