Wednesday, August 8, 2007

The Circus is Coming...

To Electric Picnic!

Yay, but no animals, i was hoping for a giraffe on a leash (not really!)

Fossett's - The IRISH for Circus!

Fossett's - Ireland's National Circus - is delighted to bring our own particular brand of magic to this year's Electric Picnic. Since 1875 we have visited communities all over the country and our name has become synonymous with circus in Ireland. Generations of Irish families have walked into our Big Top and been transported to a mystical world where anything is possible. Long before cinema, television and indeed electricity arrived Fossett's Circus was touring the back roads of Ireland leaving a trail of wonder and awe in our wake. We survived the advent of our electronic rivals and have continued to flourish into the beginning of the 21st century.

In 2003 circus was declared an artform by the then Minister for the Arts, Mr. John O'Donoghue T.D. In 2005 we received our first revenue funding from the Arts Council and so began another chapter in our history. The future for Fossett's - Ireland's National Circus has never looked so good and we are delighted to be invited to appear at Electric Picnic 2007.

In addition to the advertised performances in our Big Top we invite you to drop into our Artists Cafe for a coffee, tea, candy floss or popcorn at any time over the weekend. You might learn to juggle, do magic, walk a tightrope or perhaps just run away with us! (It does still happen).

For 2 hours during our show you will be transported into a world where aerialists defy death, jugglers defy gravity, acrobats defy description and the clowns simply defy everyone. Come to our Box Office at the Fossett's Big Top to get your free tickets. They're available on a first come- first served basis and we are only performing 5 shows over the weekend so we advise you to get your tickets early!!!!

Performances Fri 7-9pm, Sat & Sun 3pm-5pm & 7-9pm.

May all your days be Circus days.

(Fossets’s Circus at Electric Picnic is a Human-Only Circus.)

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