Thursday, July 26, 2007

Buena Vista Social Club

I was just reading an article in The Irish Times informing me of the fun at the Galway Arts Festival. The atmosphere in Galway is always super mega deadly (i want to start using new descriptive words instead of my usual). Anyway there’s always cool stuff going on, and i seem to have had a flourish of interest in arts, and arts related stuff this week, so i’m say Galway Arts Festival...Yeah!

The article by the way was about Eliadas Ochoa (I had to learn the spelling of that!) He was in the Buena Vista Social Club, who really are an alltime great band...further to that here’s some youtube-age,

Anyway, getting back to my story (my attention span is actually going to pot, i was lying in bed last night, thinking about blogging about how bad it is....)

So Eliadas Ochoa played in Galway on Monday night, and then did a mini post-gig set in Tigh Neachtain, you know just for the craic. Full fun trumpet, guitar singing, in this tiny little room, Cuban rhythms on a Monday afternoon in doesn’t really get better than that. In fact Cuban music anytime really....

Floridita in the old Irish Life centre in dublin is well worth a visit, if you’re looking for decent Latin hhey have a live band, proper cocktails, and seriously impressive dancing.

The covers are a bit...strange,

but Chan Chan and all their originals are gems.

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