Monday, July 23, 2007


Lovebox – a review!

I feel very proper the way i’ve titled this post. Well have had a very busy fun filled weekend, which i’m going to bore you with now.

Friday night, my friends arrived and we headed for my local. Where i managed to get a Creative Zen Pebble, it’s not even on the market here yet...and cost me 20 euros! So woop for that, my friend got that zen v5 or whatever it’s called for 55 euros...another great deal there,

it’s very weird that we scored cheap technology down in the pub on a Friday night, but you know o/

Saturday, up early (ish) to head for Lovebox at Malahide Castle, North County Dublin (probably!)

Anyway arrived in with our gentle stash of drink after a lovely Dublin bus trip, we passed a wedding on the way, giving our encouragement of course!

Arrived about half way through Toots and the Maytals, who are LEGENDARY. I had seen them before, but the crowd absolutely adored them. Damn right too! Don’t ask me to name songs because I didn’t have my journo hat on, but they did not disappoint.

After Toots had a quick sconce around the stalls, the site was tiny but mighty, well laid out with straw laid to cope with the thunderous and ridiculous rain from all day Friday.

My friend ended up buying a nice blue wig which was pretty damn cool!

Kinda skipped out on Just Jack, wouldn’t be his biggest fan there now. Had a very enjoyable sit down on my 5 euro tesco poncho/floor covering/umbrella/drink hider/all around cool thing.

After each act finished the crowd dispersed fairly fast, so i trundled up the front with my gang for the Super Furry Animals who i LOVE. They are really one of my favourite bands. They weren’t on the bestest form, well i didn’t think so but they were still great, even if there was a weird incident with a packet of crisps!

Anyway i really loved them, i would whatever they were like. They played some of the great well known hits as well, which my friends were fond of.

Saw the Rapture too who rocked my world! They were really really good, and my friend Luara is now a huge mega fan of them, i dont blame her. The energy they had really got the crowd going, and nothing is better than dancing in a nice green field to the rapture in the middle of the day in July.

The night finished off with Groove Armada, who i’m not too gone on, but they turned out to be really good. I had seen them a few years ago, i think when the pixies were in the phoenix park, but can’t be sure, and they weren’t that great. But i guess since they organised it they were gonna put on a great show. I thought they were really good, and not even the completely wasted weirdo from waterford could distract me from teh dancing and great tunes!

They really packed in a great show on the day. The organisation was great with a really short walk between the bus and venue. They were prepared for the weather, the toilets, were about the best ive seen at an event like this,

i also saw the rapture dj set, and sasha, who were great, even if everyone in that tent were pretty much grinding their jaws to a fine powder.

I know i’ve said great a lot, but it was really enjoyable day. Im not sure if i woulda paid the 80 quid – a – roonies in (i got my ticket for 40) but ill def go next year. Especially if Sly and the family stone who played London will be back!

All in all i’d like to give it a nice round 4 out of 5.

***if you've made it here,o/
****Hopefully will grab some pics from somewhere soon!

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