Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Muppets are being donated...the the Centre for Puppetry in Atlanta. This sounds absolutely cool. I've always loved the muppets, and puppets in general. In fact in a regular conversation of who would play me in the film of my life, I picked Janeane Garofalo, or a muppet...i don't think i mind which one, Animal, or Big Bird maybe.

However, I didn't Quite get as far as appearing on The Works with Mary Kingston (i'm laughing) like my cousin did!

Muppets bring back great childhood, teenager, and grown up memories for me, "I'm not a shrimp, i'm a king prawn!"

Jim Hensons puppets were also in Labyrinth! it's not in my top 5 but i do love it.

Centre for Puppetry Arts

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RapturePonies said...

I can't figure out how to order my pics...doh