Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Leonardo Da Vinci,Harry Potter, and rashers with pancakes

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I had a very packed weekend, i really did, but i couldn’t get around to finishing off the whole thing yday so here goes.

Sunday morning, was up early ish, and headed to town. Went to a lovely little spot on parliament street called The Larder. My friend Charlie had informed me that he was going to Greece, but as usual i hadn’t really fully understood the concept. But over a fab breakfast of pancakes, mmmaple syrup, grilled bananas, a slice of orange and (AND) rashers he told me he was just going on a working holiday type thing!

The breakfast was really amazing! Two black coffees later, and i was swinging out of the rafters. Well almost, went to McCullough Piggots, to fetch some music books, adn met with a very unfriendly and kinda rude staff member who made me feel stupid when all i wanted to do was ask about ukeleles.


The big thing on Sunday was visiting the Leonardo Da Vinci Codex Leicester, Reflections on Water and The Moon. We had booked tickets weeks in advance and it was well worth it.

The room is laid out with a timeline of Da Vinci’s life and a collection of works that would have been a part of his personal library. There were books on everything from medicine, religion, physics, and art.

The Codex Leicester, an autograph manuscript by Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) containing his observations on the nature and properties of water as well as other aspects of science and technology, is one of the most famous and important of Leonardo’s scientific notebooks. Composed circa 1508-1510 and consisting of eighteen loose double sheets in which Leonardo illustrated and wrote down ideas and observations in his distinctive mirror script, the manuscript is a lively record of the thoughts of the great Italian Renaissance artist and scientist.

The rest of the exhibition focuses on Leonardo’s own manuscripts, which are displayed with a small summary of their contents. Leonardo came up with all these realisations about water, such as that it ran like veins in the earth similar to the human body.

I love museums and I love things like this. On of my favourite places ever is the Haus Der Musik in Vienna (which I will undoubtedly talk about another day). I have to say though; it was really amazing to see pages written in Leonardo Da Vinci’s own hand, and quite humbling. If you get a chance you should definitely check it out.

I feel all-proper now after my museum trip. We had decided to go visit the new Harry Potter flick, it’s been a while since my last cinema visit. On the way nipped into Waterstone’s in the Jervis street centre, with the friendliest staff ever! They gave me sweets with my books, and gave some to my friends who didn’t even buy anything!

Got to the flicks and had a confusing interlude with a man who thought i was trying to steal his book, but I wasn’t!

I really enjoyed the film. I think they are getting better overall. Obviously i’ve read the books, and i’m not sure why anyone who hasn’t would go. The overall effect though is good, casting was mighty, it stayed as true as it could to the books, and all around good family fun.

I think i was more excited about the Stardust trailer beforehand. Now that is something to get excited about!

Daniel Radcliffe who plays Harry, I think is very good. Hermione relies on her very talented acting eyebrows, and poor ron has two faces – happy and sad! Imelda Staunton is excellent, as are the rest of the fine supporting cast, Emma Thompson, and Ralph Fiennes (shudder) are great. In fact Ralph Fiennes scared the Bejaysus out of me. I'm not sure if they can be called supporting cast though, it is more of an ensemble picture IMO.

All in all enjoyable film, and a nice lead in to starting into the newest book when i got home...now if people would just stop putting spoilers everywhere....


Le Catch said...

I read that whole post thinking it was ricks....and picturing him doing all those things! lol

Aoife said...

I really like this post....u should look into writing an ariel leve-esque column for the voice chronicling your adventures!!