Wednesday, November 14, 2007

It's Science Week

Ta-da. I 've actually never been so intrigued about anything as i am about Superstrings, which was on in NUIM for science week last night.

Einstein + Violins = V interesting.

Anyway Damo (i hope he doesn't mind me calling him that), is asking all sorts of sciencey things including: “What invention do you want to see most in the future?”

Hmm....I've been thinking about this, and realised, i was thinking of what i think would actually be invented as opposed to what i would most like to see invented which really can only be held in by whatever you can imagine. I'd like some kind of brain paintbrush.

Ok that sounds weird, I'm not really sure how the invention would work, maybe through something like wi-fi, although i realise it would bring up a lot of brain washing ideas and the like.

I'd like it in relation to dreams, i hate that feeling where you wake up, and a dream is just at the tip of your mind, but you can't grasp it. Sometimes i'd like to be able to reflect a bit more on them. Although maybe there's a reason you can't quite figure them out, in fact there probably is.



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