Monday, November 26, 2007


I've returned from my stateside adventure. It was great fun.

I was on this feckin unbelievable shop called Costco. With the dollar as it is, it's like you get half of everything for free. Which quite frankly is fantastic.
I was also in New York for the day, how excited can one person be? the answer is very. Even though we didn't manage to get up teh Empire State, (did you know it lights up for various reasons?)
There was zero visability so we were encouraged not to go up. So we didn't, but i saw Times Square, which burns the eyes in a great way, Macy's Windows, Saks of 5th Avenue, Rockefeller Centre, Hank Azaria(!!!)and Robin Williams! I had Grand Marnier Coffee and Smores in this gorgeous coffee shop, and bout my kids watch from that giant swatch watch store!

I was in an outlet store called Clinton Crossing (smirk) and i got about a million clothes from Gap with a 70% off coupon, that i got from another customer.

Anyway apart from all the Shopping, i was there for thanksgiving. Thanksgiving was a lovely thing. There were 26 people together at my aunts house, most were my relations and it was lovely to see everyone. We all set down together in the one room, had loads of wine and food, and then i went to see that Enchanted Film. Which was actually quite entertaining!

My favourite bits were: New York.
My new camera

Football Game
The Malls, they are so massive!
seeing loads of teh family again.
It was snowing one of the days, a deer ran behind the house where we were staying, it was lovely!
i've gotten over my fear of mice, more or less.
Generally it was very fun!

But i am glad to be home, and weirdly glad to be at work!

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