Monday, November 5, 2007

So there i was

It was Friday, always a good day. I love Fridays because i get that seriously delightful joyous Friday feeling. I popped home and was looking forward to a lovely quiet night in, as my friend S says, staying is the new going out.
I realise this may sound a bit...well...sad but i need to take it easy for a while. Am trying that sober november thing that seems to have gripped the country.

So i was going home safe in teh knowledge that i would be screeching with delight at Bloc Party in the Big Top on Saturday. Friday nights in are ok when you know there's a Saturday night out ahead of you.

So i stayed in, and watched the most stunningly ridiculous film on tv3. I'm not sure why i watched it, it was sort of like looking at something gross, you just can't tear yourself away. It was ALMOST as bad as Raising Helen.

Anyway Saturday arrived, and with it all the excitment of the gig, until i was struck down, by the most warped head-pain that i have only experienced once before. And this may sound daft but i think it was caused by this. This happened once before but with Aussie shampoo. Which i think is rotten and scary.

I nearly collapsed in Dunnes in Rathmines, and not because i saw several young lads stuffing sliced pans up their jumpers.

I hobbled home, and lay down in a nice soothing dark room, and had to text my friend to cancel, at literally the last minute. So disappointed cos i heard they were so so deadly.

In other news, i'm trying to beat my apparent developing OCD by turning the volume in my car to 36.

Edit: Oh yeah i forgot. So when i recovered on Sunday i went out shopping. And bought a dress, for no apparent reason. And i had told my friend i'd take her to some tile place, but because the one way streets in Dublin are ridiculously excessive, we didn't make it. Dropped her home, and then shoved a bag in my eye.
I don't even know how it happened, one minute the bag was in my hand, the next it was piercing my eyeball, worst part was it was my good eye!

so basically i think the moral is, don't stop drinking, it will ruin your health and life :/

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