Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Just chillin on the street

I would love to see this on the streets of Dublin...or anywhere really.

It's Beirut aka Zach singing Knife,I'm reliably informed it's a grizzly bear cover...I'm ashamed and not that familiar with them. But this is excellent, I love the piss-taking element to it, unless of course i'm totally missing something.

damn nice harmonies there

Hallelujah cover in Dublin (in a venue)

it's not mega quality unfort.

Love the moustache: Postcards from Italy.

Everybody loves him.


colin said...

If you like the first clip RP you should check out the Blogotheque Takeaway shows website - its got loads of similar street performances, including Grizzly Bear doing a similar acoustickypisstakey version of Knife!

RapturePonies said...

cool stuff, am gonna stock up on it for when i get home at the weekend and i have some decent speakers! gracias!