Saturday, November 10, 2007

Some stuff

The People's Elbow, I just found out what this was...

the people's elbow was one of the signature moves of the rock. first he would look at the croud. then pull off his elbow pad in slow motion and throw it into the crowd. then he would run left,bounce off the ropes then over the guy on the ground, bounce off the ropes again. then he would kick his right leg up and drop his elbow ont the man's heart.

The Urban Dictionary rocks.

Jeepers: a FIRE TORNADO.

That is both freaky and impressive..and possibly altered I'm not sure about video editing and the like.

In other news: I'm getting some new tunes including that new Sigur Ros audio from the DVD thingy. Pithcfork has a fine interview bit with Sigur Ros.
As well as that i'm getting some Gram Parsons Reprise Anthology thing and some BBC Live Lounge stuff and that established 1967 CD.

Oh and i was on the radio this morning... that was fun.

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