Monday, November 19, 2007

ok so

i'm in the us. I'm watching NFL, didn't ya know the patriots are on a winning streak, that tom brady! there's someone talking about spaceships,

i've gotten a touchescreen camera,
i've been to a gap outlet mall,
i've seen many many christmas lights already,
i've seen squirrels on drugs, probably
i've felt a sense of foreboding in numerous places,

it's due to snow maybe tomorrow (im gonna settle down)
i had a cookie today that nearly made me hurl
dunkin donuts does deadly,
and possibly most importantly...ive seen an ad for new heroes!


RapturePonies said...

i can't believe i said that something nearly made me hurl

Sarah said...

The NFL, and Hurlin...!

Joe said...

New Heroes? Surely the writers strike has stalled everything?

katie-lilga said...

TOUCHSCREEN CAMERA. i want. well actually i don't because i WILL break it. all of my cameras are in the hospital at the moment. still though, cool!

RapturePonies said...

im gonna post a big massive entry about my trip, and actually finish my sentences this time!!

my camera is way cool, and i was in this shop called costco...WOW!!

i think heroes is still going, they had an ad for teh new episode on teh tuesday anyway !

i think if i'd have stayed any longer i woulda been a proper nfl fan!