Thursday, December 6, 2007

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Talking Cats, oh mega lol-osaurus

Via Pedro

Also i learned something about Eyebrows yesterday. Apparently they show loads of your personality off...that's why coppers wear hats that cover them, so they look more authoritative. I did not know that before. I wonder what those women who pluck all theirs off are like. Maybe i'll never know.

It's Christmas time which makes me think of this: The River Cottage Multibird Roast

You need a whole free range turkey (not a monster, 10-12 kilos is about right) and a whole goose (6-7kg). And then a selection of 8-10 smaller birds, all plucked and drawn (ie oven ready).

You don’t need all eight birds to be different – you could use, say, three pheasants and five pigeons. So choose from the following:
farmed duck
guinea fowl

NOTE: Please DO NOT use very high or well-hung game birds, as they will contaminate the subtle flavours of the other birds.
For the stuffing, you need 1 kilo of fatty sausagemeat, 250g streaky bacon, 100g breadcrumbs, fresh sage, brandy, port and red wine. You can also add chestnuts and/or apples.
You also need some good butcher’s string and a darning needle.

It makes me want to be a bit sick...

Here is a glossary of Literary Criticism. It makes me feel a bit clever.

And just for the fun:

and I love John Legend (i wanted Used to Love U, but that embedding dealy was disabled!)


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Did you mean hyperventilates in a good way on my blog?

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hell yeah...covers are my favourite...

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