Tuesday, December 18, 2007

So there i was

Some helpful background info by the way: i have three older brothers and am the only girl in my family.

So there i was talking Christmas presents with my dad, and he was telling me oh yeah so i'm gonna bring the lads to Germany in April. So i was like oh i see, and what's this all about? And he went on to tell me about the Hannover Messe.

He's been before and told me about it, and i've always expressed an interest in it, i like gadgets and stuff! and i'm pretty sure i asked before to go!!!! and i def like this stuff more than at least one of the boys. So i was like oh, and you're bringing the boys!? well that's fine...so i didn't even figure in the plans!


Why wasn't i invited!?


*feels abandoned by family*



Anonymous said...

Because dear RP as you know in any Irish family girlies aren't allowed like boy things, you know that!!!

RapturePonies said...


but i wanna go! at least for a while!

Anonymous said...

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