Monday, December 3, 2007


Ok let's start at the beginning. I was in America recently...Have i mentioned this already? :P

I got one of these Flip lads, isn't it dinky! I went to Mystic Aquarium in the States, with Seal Lions! they also had baluga whales, sea anenomes, sharks, penguins and all sorts of creepy crawlie types... this is all i got though, cos i hadn't figured out how to use it!


So i brought my new toy to Justice, who were deadly on Saturday night, actually this weekend, was literally the best ever!

There's one: from the gig

and a longer one:

Rick has the stupidest girl alive on his site. Shudder.

In other news Matt the Jap is gone but not forgotten.

A few people have been talking about it, IHeartAU is mighty, the forum is good fun too.

Can't wait for this film The Nines.

America are annoyed by the international stuff on the internet.

I love Gram Parsons.

Banksy's got a Santa's Ghetto!

Dove Vs Internet Guerillas. Dove ads are done by those lads who make the Lynx ads and all the rest of it, talk about mixed messages.
This has that Dove ad, with bits of Axe (Lynx in the US) spliced into it.

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