Friday, December 21, 2007

Stuff I learned this year

1. I really like blogging.
2. I really like Facebook, much more than Bebo.
3. I've been to some great gigs, which is not officially learning, but you know. Cat Power, Justice, Rufus Wainwright, Lovebox, Flaming Lips, Super Furry Animals, MIA, !!!, Dan Le Sac Vs. Scroobius Pip and more...
4. Dara O'Briain literally just gets funnier and funnier.
5. I can now drive legally on my own.
6. Change a tyre.
7. Make mince pies
8. I know about Spank Rock.
9. I had thanksgiving dinner.
10. I had Turkish Dinner.
11. I had Parisian dinner.
12. I visited Versaille, WOW.
13. I fantasised about going back to Vienna, a lot lately.
14. I started a job that i really like
15. I finished a job i also really liked.
16. I re-read His Dark Materials
17. I learned about some art, and new art and old art.

*Have jut realised this is very me me me me.*

*feels very selfish...but doesn't delete post :/*

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