Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Atonement #2

Ok, so i haven't yet atoned poor froggy's death, which i still feel rotten about, poor froggy, and i keep seeing other frogs all over teh place, in pictures, in my dreams, talk of frog spawn everywhere, so i'm going to have to go to the zoo, and steal a frog, or something, and give it a good home, which incidentally would probably be the zoo :/

Anyway Atonement #2 is in relation to the film, i saw it. It's stunning. I had read the book a few months ago, in fact it passed around everyone in my house, and we all loved it, (yes we are all girls), but it really is a great film. I love the camera work, and the little flicks and angles are great. I suppose you'd call that cinematography!?

The score as well was brilliant. I have a love of soundtracks/scoring and this is a really special one. i love the way they incorporate the sound of the typewriter, in a really effective way.

the acting was great too, i thought Keira Knightley was excellent (sickened i am,) and not her usual annoying self, i know everyone says that, but so what? James McEvoy, and Saoirse Ronan were really good too, and as far as adaptations of books go, this was great! so that's it, probably the bittiest and non-nonsensical review of a movie ever.

I also like the princess bride, and as i said, the Golden Compass, whoop!
oh Lord of the Rings too, Also here, Mark Brown talks about the top 50 book adaptations.

In other news i was just thinking the other day, of the sound of laughter, and how it craics people up. I remember hearing a recording of a guy chuckling, when i was on the bus one cold, wintry night last...winter. And it cracked me up, that's it really, jut that laughing is infectious,

so i was laughing at this,
skip to 42 seconds in or so.

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