Monday, September 10, 2007

Relative Values

As i've said before i love the sunday times. Nothing better than chilling out with teh papers on a sunday. Anywho seeing as today is Monday i must have read the yesterday because Sebastian Horsley is in my head.

Wiki says
In August 2000 he travelled to the Philippines to experience a crucifixion, in order to prepare for a series of paintings on the topic. Refusing pain killers, he was nailed to a cross and passed out. The foot rest broke and he almost fell off. A film and photos of the event, as well as his subsequent paintings of crosses, were exhibited in London in 2002

I read a review if this guys book a few weeks ago, and he is bats. I mean completely mental type of bats-ness.

Relative values shows that his mam is about just as eccentric.

When Mother found out she was pregnant with me, she took an overdose. It didn't work. Neither did nine months of heavy drinking. Had she known I was going to turn out the way I did, I'm sure she'd have gone the whole hog and found the cyanide. Of course, I didn't find that out until much later. We were led to believe it was my sister she'd tried to terminate. She thought I was too touchy to hear such truths. And she's right. I'm a tad sensitive — I feel overlooked if an epidemic misses me out.

Sebastian was mischievous. Once, he set fire to his sister's doll's pram. Then wheeled it next to our oil tank. His sister came screaming in to tell me. I rushed down to find him standing there waiting to see the action unfold. Another time, fire engines came roaring through our village to put out a haystack ablaze in a field. The whole place could've gone up. Only later did I find out Sebastian had started it.

From the lovely folks at the times.
It all smacks of i'm a crazy artist-ness, still interesting enough

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