Friday, September 7, 2007


It's Electric Picnic related but not what you think. I drove down to Stradbally around 6 or whatever on the friday. I ahd to work, so that was grand, i knew i'd be sitting in traffic anyway for half the day. And besides had the kind folks on 2fm keeping me company, with hot chip and the manics.

Anyway the point of the rant: there were people drinking, from cans, as they were driving. I actually was so shocked. There was a big transit of something ahead of me, and the driver got out, went aournd the back hopped in, and came out with half a beer. I know it was stop and start, and bumper to bumper, but seriously wtf!? Are people stupid!?!?

With all the feckin coverage and everything, ggrrrrrr, so dangerous, one drink does damage.

Ok rant over. it's just so feckin ridiculous.

YOUNG drivers leaving the Electric Picnic festival after drinking the previous night were breathalysed by gardai - at their own request.

Motorists approached gardai and asked them if they could be breath-tested before getting behind the wheel, it was revealed yesterday.

Those who tested positive walked away and drank water for several hours before returning and asking gardai to carry out another breath test.

From the Indo

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