Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I read this

article about Welsh music, and welsh language music, and i thought it was really good. It's from Owen Adams music blog at the Guardian.
Welsh music's fine, ta
Come with me on a trip to mysterious land of valleys and words with no vowels. You'll find a healthier music scene than England's.

Anyway it got me thinking about Irish music/bands etc, how cool would it be to hear some bands/artists/whatever singing as gaeilge. Maybe this has already happened, and i have heard tell of that Irish version of Bell X1s Flame, or Bladhm, i was trying to get my hands on it, but alas couldn't locate it.

Anyway, yeah maybe i am totally behind the times, but with all teh Welsh, and obviously other language albums out there, i know i know, i just thought that would be interesting.

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