Monday, January 7, 2008

Be Kind Rewind

Looks very exciting, and now Jack Black is yakking (love those ak sounds) about a new flick...

[It] is a biblical comedy, it is about the old testament. I'm just a dude wondering through biblical times. I'm not a famous character that you would have heard of before. Me and Michael Cera are just sort of wondering through and you get to see all these old stories from the Torah told through agnostic eyes.

More here.

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Joe said...

That sounds like it could be terrible or immense, I'm not sure which. But I have yet to see something with Michael Cera in it that I didn't like.

Seriously. I saw him as a kid in some "based on a true story" custody battle melodrama on Hallmark. Laughed my ass off at him, can't take George Michael seriously.