Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year

It's back to work, Christmas is over, it was a flipping delight for the most part anyway. In new news: this is my new favourite band (note to self don't use the word new so much).

I have a new nephew...finally! His name is Stephen, i've only seen pictures yet, and he's such a cutie.

I had a very very weird first meal of new was chicken, but also fish, and there was lemon with it. It was renamed Fickin....very very weird.

New years resolutions: More gigs,
No more coca-cola (that's a tough one)
try to have proper breakfasts.
No more drinking for at least a week.
go to Rock karaoke more.
Go to the Pod more, they played return of the mac there.
See Springbreak again
See The Time Traveller's Wife, A mighty Wind, new Indiana Jones
Be more glamorous and mysterious.
Learn stuff

some of these resolutions are likely to clash with others...:/

It's Prison Love:

Giant Knickers save house.

This website is crazy.


rickoshea said...

I witnessed it. It's all true. Looked just like fish, shaped like fish, battered like fish, came with a wedge of lemon. Was chicken. I would also like credit for naming it ficken... :-)

RapturePonies said...

and the baniramisu.....
ahh ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!