Thursday, January 31, 2008


Ok, first things first, Do not go see this on an empty stomach. Went to see Cloverfield last night anywho, it's JJ Abrams deally, he of Lost, Alias and now Star Trek (*hyperventilates*) fame!

Ricko was doing the intro, sounds like i'm trying to start rapping, and a fine job he did of it too. I also saw some people i haven't seen in aaaggeessss, but i'm not going to start talking about that right now. My friends Mags and Blinky also came. Blinky is leaving the country on Tuesday for nine months, a suspicous amount of time if you ask me. Anywho i'm going to miss her. She shouldn't go.

Me and Mags are going to drown are sorrows in table quiz drunk-ness next Tuesday after she goes. (i'm still trying to convince her not to go, and that hiding in a house in finglas, and researching trips abroad is a bad idea.)

*Cries a tear*

Anyway i'll post about that again later... BACK TO THE FILM (Batman).

It was on in the UGC, on Parnell street, and it even included a teaser trailer for the new Star Trek (under construction.) I hadn't seen any of the other trailers, so i was very excited about this, it looks flippinmaddeadly!

NOTE: i'm not in for spoilers so this is safe for anyone who's going to see it.

The film is brilliant. It's really, really very good. There were many moments of hiding behind faces, and yelps and squeezing hands cos of scaredy-ness.

It starts out at a party, and it's all filmed in shaky handheld camera stylee. I wasn't sure if i was going to be able to stick it out. The handheld camera-ness gets very ...weird after a while. But just as you think you can't really cope with the shaky-ness it all kicks off. And you can't go anywhere.

It's a very clever film masking as something a bit dumbed down IMO. the actors, all unknowns (to me anyway) are really good, and the effects and everything are excellent. I think it all hinges on the shaky-ness, you feel like you are really in there or something.

I came out with the feeling of JJ Abrams crawling into my brain and beating me up from the inside out. I was also very dizzy what with the motion sickness-ness and the like. I had to go have dinner after, to settle my stomach... it was like i was a kid again, and was feeling carsick :/

Ok this has become a very rambling post, and i don't think i'm that good a movie reviewer, because i always miss the point!


tom said...

I thought JJ Abrams was the guy who directed Airplane! Obviously this guy is quite different.

RapturePonies said...

I had to look that up! even though i have Airplane! and Airplane II at home!

That's Jim Abrahams who did Airplane!

Surely, you can't be serious.

I am and don't call me Shirley...

ok that works must better speaking wise!