Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I was being fancy last night

I was at a launch thing. It was for the Dublin International Film Festival. This was the fanciest thing I've ever been to! There was plenty of free Jameson (naturally) floating about, and i obviously launched into it with gusto. I love that word gusto, i definitely will use that again.

Met some lovely people, and some incredibly glamorous ones too, as are the people i've mentioned below... :)

Met the lovely Una, (she really does rock you know!) who i realised i've been stalking in an unhealthy way, and knew a weird amount about her life, have fun in Trinidad!

I also met the delightful Sinead, who writes aboutmusical rooms, you should check this out if you haven't already it's excellent.
Rickedy was also there, resting his back!

I also met the delightful Tanya, who i'm hoping will pop in for tea some time soon!
I also met a former Rose of Tralee (swoon), who's name i hope i spell correctly here: Aoibhinn who totally invited me to a party, and now that i've written it in cyberspace, there's a record forever so i can't be uninvited! muahh ha ha ha!

All in all mucho fun, i'm so on for fun things like this again!

Oh and Rick and UnaRocks both wrote about this much better than me. Flogging + dead horse springs to mind. :/

Going to Cloverfield tonight, woop!

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