Thursday, January 10, 2008

That new Kanye West/Chris Martin Song

It's feckin growing on me. Seriously.

There's no proper video here, but it's all over youtube.

Kanye West's site is very random. Especially his blog, you think being a musician and all it would be more ehhh....coherent. It's more like mine. He has all this stuff about research facilities (!), a coyote lined hammock, and a deadly jacket. Just saying is all.


colin said...

Only thing about his blog is half of the posts sound like they were taken directly from advertising literature - you'd imagine that a lot of companies would pay good money to have the bould Kanye seen to be endorsing their products. Hmmm

RapturePonies said...

this is very true colin...

he's prob walking around with those circular displays attached to a minion in front of him, and bottles of 500 year old hennessy strapped to a small child who is made to follow him around.