Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Cathy Davey

I lover her, and i was reading recently somewhere (it's possibly not true) that she doesn't really like her first album Something Ilk anymore :( i love it! My favourite is, and always has been Save Button. But she's got a new album coming out now, woo!

The Torture Garden interviewed her a while ago.

Jim was talking about her a while ago too.

Youtube hasn't caught up with new stuff yet, but

From that Torture Garden interview...
What does it sound like? Are you happy with it?

Well... to me it sounds like music I'd like to dance to. And not serious dancing. Just child-like, please don't catch me on camera kinda happy dancing. I wrote half of the album on drums instead of piano or guitar because I really wanted to make music that would keep me lifted through the whole proccess... The subject matter is quite sinister and at times macabre, so the music had to counter that if I was to enjoy it, and I wanted to let moments have their own full charge... Not be embarrassed by them. Big feelings in little packages.

How is the subject matter sinister?

I had a head full of skeletons and if I wrote songs for them they danced.


Joe said...

Hopefully will see her live tomorrow, looking forward to hearing the new stuff as I really like 'Reuben'.

RapturePonies said...

im dying to see her, but wont get the chance in the next few days, phenomenal amount of gigs on at the moment, and all clashing!