Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Things I've learned this week

1. The Graduate and The Odd Couple are two of the greatest films ever.
2. New Heroes is not as good as old Heroes.
3. Jim Carroll rocks: Malajube, Professor Longhair and Cathy Davey woo!
4. The Ballinasloe Horse Fair offers some very interesting sites, sounds and smells.
5. Bruce Springstein's new album is deadly.
6. People are really messed up.
7. New Cat Face mega lol.
8. There's a new girl moving into my house next week. I haven't met her yet, and won't meet her til after she moves in. :?
9. I have that blog log thing, and i've turned off the tracker thing, and i have no idea how to fix it.
10. The Irish Times website has the weirdest games section ever. Love the Crossword though.
11. Pretty much everyone i know is leaving the country to go travelling, and find themselves. I kinda wanna go.
12. In honour of + ageing, this couple celebrated their 80th wedding anniversary.

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