Tuesday, October 16, 2007


So i was listening to the old Wireless yday, and they were talking about phobias, and i was thinking about any phobias i have. I do have one fairly substantial one, but i seem to have developed two more recently.

I was walking on a new path the other day, just a brand new path, like made with big stone blocks, and i dont know if it was my shoes, or the rain, or what but i nearly puked, it felt disgusting. It's a bloody path i say to myself, but i actually had to run off it, even now i've got a yock feeling talking about it.

The other one is people with braided hair, but the really REALLY really tightly disgusting braided hair, where you can see people's scalps. I got very freaked out and also had that horrible wretchy feeling when i saw this recently. And i didn't even realise i was.

Sutpid yockness.


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