Wednesday, October 3, 2007

I want this

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I heard good Tom Dunne playing some tunes off this yday. No Diggity covered by the Klaxons is especially good. He also played some superfantastic Modest Mouse tunes.

Anywho, as part of BBC Radio 1 celebrations, they are releasing (or possibly released already)a cd, of current artists doing covers from each year that Radio 1 has been going.

The Times are on the story here. I do like covers, and the ones i've heard are great, although i'm sure some are gonna be pants (Ray Of Light - Natasha Bedingfield).

It's got:
Flowers In The Rain - Kaiser Chiefs
Love Is The Drug - Kylie Minogue
You Sexy Thing - Stereophonics (lol)
Teenage Kicks - Raconteurs

i'm looking forward to this.


Pedro Monscooch said...

The album in general is incredibly... meh. It'll still be overplayed on the radio as much as everyones favourite one-trick-pony, Mark Ronson.

A lot of the tracks are almost identical to the original. Mike Skinner ruins "Your Song" by talking over it. The Foo Fighters' cover of Wings is crazy cool though.

RapturePonies said...

probably especailly that Klaxons tune. I haven't hear your song yet, and i'm fairly confident i don't want to.
But i'm def looking forward to a general listen!