Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The day i almost

Met Angela Lansbury, is also the day that i nearly choked laughing about Brian Kennedy, but that's an entirely different story.

So i've always been a fan of Murder, She Wrote and Bedknobs and Broomsticks. What's not like to like really. Murder, She Wrote and other programmes of that ilk are great. They are gentle, very funny and they aren't out to hurt anyone, take note: Jerry Springer and your cronies. Jerry Springer makes me think of road rage :X

Anywho, myself and a few friends had heard that Angela Lansbury was going to be visiting the Irish Film Institute. That was it, we had to go.
So Angela, we found out lives in West Cork, near Jeremy Irons pink castle apparently! And she delighted us in coming up for a special screening of the Blackwater Lightship and an interview to be aired on Rattlebag.

Anywho it was deadly, we ended up sitting in about the second row, it was very exciting! The film was pretty good, actually i saw it recently which i think is what reminded me about this.

Anyway, the film was shown, and was very enjoyable, but to be fair everyone was waiting for Angela to arrive!

She came out wearing a lovely silk blouse, beige trouser combo thing. She's very well spoken, and she came across really well. She was able to talk in a lovely charming way abotu all teh theatre and film she's done, and the amazing actors she's worked with,

and then the questions started.

But first let me share something i found on youtube

Angela, a far cry from Jessica Flethcer.

So anyway the questions, there were real genuine questions, about actors she's worked with, highlights of her career, for me it's sweeney todd.

So there was a nice gentle question and answer session, did you know Angela

but what was really special was the die hard fans, read geeks in the front row. Now i know i sound like a gig for even thinking about writing about this. But they were serious SERIOUS geeks! they were like oh in minute 24 of that episode what were you thinking, and one was like, "oh we never knew each other before today, we met through Angelalansbury.net". They had come from Germany, and England. But i suppose each to their own.

So after the chat, everyone got up to do a little meet and greet, and we were three people away, i'm not messing three people away, and the pr person whisked her off! :( didn;t totally break my respect for her, but there's definately a dent there. So close and yet so far.

The there was teh group who came with Murder, She Wrote board game. One girl had saved it since she was a child, possibly in teh hope that she would one day meet Angela. She also got fobbed off, as the rush of the super breed of geeks, was too much for us lesser geeks.

Anyway, check her out. She's done a lot.

I think this is probably one of my longest and most incoherent posts.


Sinéad said...

I used to LOVE Murder, She Wrote, even if it was always dead obvious every episode who did it. And there were far too many dodgy 'taches and taffeta dresses in the show too. Not on Ange, mind.

She also starred in one of my favourite films ever, The Manchurian Candidate.

Joe said...

Her house is actually in Conna, East Cork so I'm reliably informed.

I always wondered why people invited Jessica Fletcher places - someone always ended up dead.

But lately I've wondered if Murder She Wrote was more of a metafiction, ahead of it's time and more akin to the likes of Charlie Kaufman than Quincy M.D.
She writes herself into the stories of murder she's writing during the creidts. Headwreckin' stuff.

RapturePonies said...

the Manchurian Candidate is a deadly film, i was gonna youtube it, but i couldn't really fit anything else on, she's done some amazing stuff!

i've heard that jessica is a murderer a lot... but i like this charlie kaufman likeness you're suggesting that!