Friday, October 19, 2007

Super Furry Animals

I was at the Super Furry Animals in Vicar Street the other night. I love Vicar Street. Love it. I think it's one of the best venues going, well of the ones i have visited, which i suppose is not the most wide reaching.

But anyway i was going with my cousin J who went to Australia yesterday for 8 weeks. I will miss her, i do make her go to gigs with my a lot, we saw teh flaming lips in Vicar Street a few months ago: WOW.

Anywho i saw SFA a few months ago as well at Lovebox. I thought they were deadly! maybe it was the cocktails, or the one day, with only a few droplets of the wet stuff.

Anyway, i was less impressed this time round. I've got that new album dealy and have been enjoying it, but i thought SFA were fairly below par to start off with. Maybe it was just me, but i just didn't get it. Went out to the bar at one stage and decided to just chill out there for a while. Bear (Bare?) in mind that i'd been looking forward to the gig since Lovebox.

After the little break they started to rev up a bit, and it got brilliant. It was like a poor band taking off their masks (or putting on a helmet) and playing some deadly tunes, really well.

I especially liked (is that the word..?) that song about Phil Spector's Wife, weird but very interesting!

They did the usual excellent faves like Rings around the World, and the Man Don't Give a Fuck. Juxtaposed with U, Receptacle for the Respectable If You Don’t Want Me to Destroy You and my favourite (obviously) Hello Sunshine. It got very entertaining with the guys in the balcony who were doing what can only be described as a bushwhacker dance!! All in all, without the first maybe 20 mins, i would have been a very happy bunny.

:/ i think i'm being too judgemental.

The King of Music stuff Nialler has more here.


aoife mc said...

Hey, just saw this post, I was at the gig too - really agree with you about the slow start. I was wrecked and a bit fluey and although I enjoyed the slow songs, great songs as they are, it was making me feel a bit droopy. When they kicked off in the second half it was absolutely brilliant, I forgot I was a tired mucus filled flu machine and danced like a looper. What a great band. They seem like such lovely people too!

RapturePonies said...

tired mucus filled flu machine! :D hope you're feeling better now!

yeah it got deadly then, even tehy said themselves bout the downer set.

they really are a deadly band, so much fun. Fun is the most important thing. i was at arcade fire the other night and whiney is the word i use for them.

nialler9 said...

Much better now thanks!

Really? Arcade Fire whiney? I heard some triumphant things about the gig, I didn't make it myself, but I can see how they might seem a bit whiney after the super furrys all right.

I've never seen the arcade fire live - would like to though!

aoife mc said...

Flip. That last comment was from me - using nialler9's computer and forgot to sign in!

RapturePonies said...

i dunno, it might just be me, I think they take themselves so bloody seriously, it's just called relax. The show was grand, and they played well, but it wasn't the religious like experience that many others said it was, well not to me!
i saw them a few years ago, when they played electric picnic. I went on my own, cos no one was intereasted, and they blew me away.

Not sure what's changed :(

aoife mc said...

Uh oh, do you have that 'they were better at the picnic' syndrome with the arcade fire? Nah I'm just kidding, it is a legendary gig all right, can't remember why I missed it. Was probably wolfing down a falafel at the falafel stand - honestly I go to festivals as much for the grub and the muck as the music.
Any gigs coming up for you?