Thursday, October 4, 2007

So yesterday

I got home from work, pottering around the house, the usual craic, and I popped out to get my clothes out of the drier. Our drier is housed in a little shed out the back yard, our drier and washing machine are buddying up there together.

So i went outside, flicked on the light, thank God i was wearing shoes. Our drier has a glass door, and i whipped it open and was about to put my hand in to pull the clothes out when, i noticed something INSIDE the machine, it was on the filter. I picked it up and was thinking, what's this? and for a split second i thought it was someone playing a trick on me.

It was a dead mouse. I nearly lost my life, i slammed the door and ran inside, and then washed my hands about 15 times. This incident has not helped my early stages of OCD.

I've never been so freaked out in my life, and then i started to think about how the mouse had obviously been cooked in there with my clothes, i had to sit in the sitting room with my legs off the floor, and was like how can i stop thinking of this. So i put on Dara O'Briain which worked. For about ten minutes.

I'm not normally that squemish animal wise, but this was different, a mouse was cooked with my clothes. :(

Then my flatmate L came home, and she was worse than i was. Even though she grew up around small rodenty creatures. Her bro had a fine collection of hamsters/shrews/guinea pigs etc. So we went out, and she started screaming, and then i started practically hypervenilating. She started saying how she thought maybe it was a baby rat, and then sent me over the edge.

The moral of the story seems to be i am a wuss. A complete wuss. I wish i had taken a picture of him, but i probably wouldn't be able to use my phone again, at any rate, i'm throwing away all the clothes from the drier, because even washing them again will not help me wear them again.

We eventually got rid of little rodent with the dustban, by chucking back to teh circle of life in teh back lane.

after i went to bed, i started looking through my laundry basket thing, very carefully, to investigate any further little creatures.

I once woke up with a spider on my face, that was ok. A mouse cooked in the drier, is not.

I think i need to move out.


Le Catch said...

Funniest. Story. Ever.

Mainly because it happened to you!


RapturePonies said...

ha ha ha


and it's so soon after my froggy incident :(

small animals apparently should stay out of my way

John Cav said...

"Cooked" a mouse with your clothes... Brilliant. Traumatic, but brilliant.

As for the move... Would a mouse trap or two not suffice :)

Tiberius Gracchus said...

And not an ounce of sympathy from you for the poor mouse.....

Where's the love raputeponies??