Friday, October 12, 2007

Rufus Wainwright

Is amazing. I've always liked Rufus (see, first name basis) so that probably helps. I saw him first at EP 05, I think it was 05 and i saw lights shining out of his head. He was amazing.

The show on tuesday, i felt like i was in a trance. i felt like i had crawled into his brain and was lying on a pillow in there just enthralled. He's very witty, and charming, even from a distance of 15 feet, and made some quality jokes throughout. In fact charming is just the word for him.

Got into Vicar Street at bout 7.45, there may or may not have been a support act, either way i wouldn't have seen it, was in work til 6 so had to kinda make a mad dash for it!

Anywho, arrived in at table number 91, me and my friend L. we've both seen rufus before, but weren't prepared for how brilliant he would be! Met our friend I as well, who bout about 50,000 euro worth of merchandise, but who was sitting in the front row, where i wish i had been!

Anyway, it all started, the band came out, basist, couple of guitaritst, drummer and brass section. But there were no ser rules, most of the band swapped around and played a bit of keyboard, some guitar, there was a banjo. it was cool.

4 costumer changes! there were 4! at one stage he wa sin lederhosen...have a look at the current album sleeve. Also his bassist is very hot.

So rufus arrived out in a fabulous (that is the only word) stripy pants, shirt and blazing combo with very sparkly jewellery and brooches, which he later joked about!

He was touring with Release the Stars, which i think is a deadly album, (yeah im absolutely biased i suppose) He opened up with the title track, and they had these two massive disco balls, which they shone the lights on at just the right moment.

He mostly covered Release the Stars, and Poses,

He also did a cover of a Count John McCormack song.
(oh yeah, one of those voices shouting Athlone is me)

He was chatting away and said , oh yeah im gonna sing it the way Count John McCormack sang it and stepped away from the Microphone. Well if there was ever someone born to sing, it was him. He really has teh most fabulous voice, and an amazing range. Ok i'm turning into a simpering supernerd geek fan!

Ok moving swiftly on before this develops into a novel, highlights for me were Machushla,apparently that's how it's spelt! weird!

so anyway other serious highlights for me were Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk, Danny Boy, Do I Disapoint You?, Sansoucci, and Beautiful Child. But the whole show was excellent. He played for almost three hours and it felt like 5 mins, i was dying to go again on the thursday, but of course that's another story.

i also can't really believe i bought a ridiculously over-priced t-shirt, ah well, i do love it!

the best bit was the encore, when everyone had said tehir goodbyes, the band had done a deadly little play off deally, and then they all trooped on after abotu 5 mins, Rufus in a fancy white dressing gown.

Now i'd heard about this bit, and youtubed it, but it's well worth seeing! He sat down in his dressing gown at teh front of the stage, took out some high heels from his bag, and a tube of red lipstick and painted his lips.

Then he went to the back of the stage and it went dark, what followed really has to be seen. All his band were dressed in tuxedos while the man himself put on a trilby, and pulled off teh dressing gown, he was wearing a tuxedo jacket and tights, along with the high heels.

He danced around the stage to Get Happy, i know i posted the youtube the other day, but here it is again:

if you get the chance please go see Rufus, he's brilliant.

it was funny...i got a taxi to the gig, and the conversation went a bit like this:
Taxi man: who you gonna see?
me: oh this guy called rufus wainwright,
taxi man: any good?
me: oh he's great, i've seen him before, he's really good.
taxi man: anything i would have heard.

rufus isn't very well known for hit singles, or that much of a hit album. but he def puts on a spectacular show, and has one of the best voices you can hear around and about today.

got home and watched a bit of the making of LCD Soundsystem's latest vid on the Last Broadcast. Good but not a patch on Rufus.

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